Course Duration – 2 Hours (from £25)

Our Pioneer Safety First Aid Champion Course is aimed at children involved in School Groups, Guides and Scout Groups, Duke of Edinburgh parties and other group bookings of children aged 12 – 16.

This course can be attended as a continuation of skills learnt on the First Aid Hero Course enhancing the basics learnt and gaining a slightly deeper understanding of First Aid skills.

The course can also be arranged for those who have no First Aid Experience and wish to gain knowledge of the core skills required to safe a life or help someone that may be injured if this situation ever happened.



This course will encourage integration and will make use of practical exercises including role play and open group discussions. Topics will include when to call 999 and the information you may need, how to successfully complete a Primary Survey and carry out CPR correctly. It will also cover additional subjects like First Aid kit contents, how to deal with all types of bleeds, breaks and burns as well as other injuries and medical situations including what to look out for with Asthma and Anaphylaxis.



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